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Canes by Graeme MacKendrick

Graeme MacKendrick of Balmoral, MB has carved his way into many a heart and home.  Traditional walking stick shafts are made from hazel wood but any hardwood can be used.  Horns from domestic sheep are used for handles.  It is hard to access enough horn for all Graeme’s artistic ideas.  In the stockdog world it is a badge of honour to win one of these artistic prizes and they are proudly used at stockdog competitions.

Graeme MacKendrick also has a way with antlers and produces scenes that are breath-taking.  Moose antler provides a beautiful canvas for his larger projects but nothing is wasted and small bits removed are also carved into other projects such as ear-rings, pendants, broaches, napkin rings, Christmas tree ornaments, letter openers or buttons.  Cribbage boards are another of his designs carved from elk antler.

To order items from Graeme or to provide him with horn, please call (204) 467-9127 or email him at