Manitoba Stock Dog Association

Promoting Stress Free Handling of Livestock and Stock Dogs

Members may submit an ad for their ranch, as well as photos and biographies of two dogs per member.

It is one page per membership, therefore if you have a family membership it will be one page for all of you.

To submit your ad and photos or if you have any questions please email Stacey Rosvold at or phone (204) 742-3658

Monica Hoersch

Campbell and Molly Forsyth

Steven and Stacey Rosvold

Kaelene Forsyth

Rick Willetts

Lara Forchuk

Kara Hewitt

Ed Hunter

Kelly Ferris

Hans Myhre

Barry Breemersh

Dick Schroeder

Russel Roome

Matthew Atkinson

Ken and Darlene Kemp

Ken, Sandra and Rebecca Van Hulle